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TriBTTS Review

In this TriBtts review we intend to give you all the information you require to make an informed decision on joining this football tipster.

TriBTTS as the name suggests is a both-teams-to-score service offering profitable selections on both teams to score bets in fact at the time of writing based on level stakes of £10, TriBTTS has made £9,817 profit in the last 12 months across 1312 football tips (roughly 27 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £844.

TriBTTS Review – About The Service (As From Their Website)

If you do not place many bets per day and still want to achieve a sustainable return, then this service is just right for you!

The «No Both Teams To Score (BTTS)» market is by far the market where the probability of finding unadjusted odds is statistically higher. This fact tends to maximize long-term profits. However, you need to place a lot of bets to achieve the statistical significance that will allow you to make a sustainable profit.

The idea of this service is to identify three possible winning bets and place a Trixie bet on these selections. A Trixie bet is a clever way to maximize your returns through doubles and trebles. This can be thought of as a treble to which three doubles are added. The advantage is that you still make a profit if a selection does not win. Any two winning selections are enough to make a profit from the Trixie bet. In our service, we also add the three single bets as the odds taken into account are always high, so you can get back some of the sum invested even if only one bet wins.

If your bookmaker does not offer Trixie betting on the BTTS market, you can do it manually. Simply place a treble bet on the three selections and then 3 doubles to cover all possible combinations. Finally, place the 3 single bets.

To maximize your winnings, you have to accept a higher level of risk. Therefore, bank management is crucial in this type of betting. Learn to accept losses and recover steadily through disciplined trading. Remember that you can lose several bets in a row and then win it all back with a single bet. You should also consider the possibility that you may make a negative profit at the end of the month, but the amount lost will always be recovered over the next few months.

Depending on the number of solid selections available, we can offer up to two bets per day. On days when the number of available bets is low and there are not enough solid selections, we will not offer bets!

Is TriBTTS Profitable?

In short yes it is as you can see from a quick snapshot below TriBtts has been delivering profits for a long period now.

tribtts review

With an average of 27 selections per week over the last 12 months, he has averaged a profit of £844, which is an insane amount for a football tipster service, and it is a tipster you should be looking to join!

Monthly Profit Breakdown Since Launch

Below we have created a table to show how well TriBTTS has been doing since it launched back in 2023…(May is 2024 preliminary)

May 2023£114.10£114.10
Jun 2023£168£282.10
Jul 2023£2,624.13£2,906.23
Aug 2023£587.65£3,493.88
Sep 2023-£124.02£3,369.86
Oct 2023£780.81£4150.67
Nov 2023£1,180.78£5,331.45
Dec 2023-£310.21£5021.24
Jan 2024£1,166.73£6,187.97
Feb 2024-£123.17£6,064.80
Mar 2024£504.27£6,569.07
Apr 2024£1,077.02£7,646.09
May 2024£2,171.80£9,817.89

As you can see great results across the board for a year now and TriBTTS is growing in strength over time.

We recommend you take a chance on TriBTTS today!

Thanks for reading our TriBTTS Review, remember to check out our tipsters too.

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